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Games and Crap

So yeah, I've got quite a long history of playing and hosting ORGs. Scroll down to find out what I've been in.

Thinga's Project Runway, season 1... and 2

Thinga's Gauntlet of Doom

Thinga's Big Brother

Platinumtlc's Ultimate Massive Sucks Game
Final Positon - 5th/14

Big Brother: The Mansion (Hosted by yzysg)
Final Position - 8th/17

Big Brother: Mansion of Murder
Christopher Robin
Final Position - 8th/15

Big Brother: Pokemon Mansion

Final Position - 11th/15

Crowlass's Board Game Battle
Final Position - 9th/15

Crowlass's Board Game Battle 2
Final Position - 6th/16

Paris Pointless Game 2
Final Position - 16th/45

Paris Pointless Game 3
Final Position - 18th/51

Harper's Island: The Game (Hosted by Blondzilla5150)
Thomas Wellington
Final Position - 6th/25

Level Banks' Project Runway 3
Final Position - 3rd/16

Project Banksway 4
Final 17

... and my TAR games

Grant Bowler - Host
Thingamajig's TAR
In this most epic of races, Sly & Murray stole the win in one of the most memorable come-from-behind finishes ever

L & Box - Colleagues
Final Position - 1st/14 (13 legs)
Ran in: TimmyTAR's Backyard Edition
Who are they? What are they? How do they exist in the real world? All these are a mystery. Despite this, the two computer generated co-workers from Moscow showed that they could compete in a 3D world when they took out the top spot in TimmyTAR's (virtual) race.

Ching & Nigrella - College Friends
Final Position: 3rd/13 (11 legs)
Ran in: Avant Tai's Season 7
The epitome of racial sterotype. Ching literally "ran into" Nigrella one day when she lost control of her car on campus and ran over her friend. Since then, Nigrella instead of suing her - became her best friend. Since then, Ching has gotten married and Nigrella opened up her own waffle bar.

Trey & Catherine - Twins
Final Position: 3rd/24 (12 legs)
Rani in: Avant Tai's Season 6
The offspring of everyone's favourite activists are grown up and more screwed up than their cooky parents... though in pretty different ways. Their pseudo-zany antics never fail to bore the audience... but due to the vote-whorey nature of the season, they keep getting bonuses anyway. It's win-win!

Richard & Cassie - Friends/Lawyers
Final Position - 8th/23 (12/15 legs)
Ran in - Avant Tai's Season 5
These two maintain a platonic relationship as solicitors at the same law-firm. Cassie claims that Richard's 'tough-love' methods really helped treat her fear of the outside world, which had consumed her completely prior to meeting Richard. Having joked at the idea of a closer relationship, they are quick to maintain the fact that they are only friends and will remain that way.

The Elite Four Family - Co-workers
Final Position - 1st-ish (13 legs)
Ran in - smileyriley14's Amazing Race Family Edition
They're the top of the Sinnoh tree but can they handle the Amazing Race... no, not really. They fight, they whine and they bitch. And sometimes it's not about the host!

Max & May - Brother & Sister
Final Position - 2nd (8 legs)
Ran in - Wan & Christian's Season 2
Notable as two of the world's least favourite supporting characters, May and Max were for a long time the butt of many a Pokemon fan's joke due to the duo replacing long-time character Misty as major characters on the show. These two decided to race in a vain attempt to regain some popularity

Francis & Mary-Beth - Escaped Nuns
Final Position - 3rd (13 legs)
Ran in - Yzysg's Season 1
Abandoned at a convent as babies, these two grew up under the strict rule of a dimwitted minister and an evil nun and never felt quite right as women of the church. While still maintaing Christianity's core beliefs they felt they needed to leave the buttoned-down life and chose The Amazing Race as a method of escape. Their exciting and tragic tale on the race is far too long to tell here and is chronicled in Yzysg's TAR thread.

Raymond & Betty - Grandparents
Final Position - 2nd (15 Legs)
Ran in - Avant Tai's Season 2
Swingers all their lives, Raymond and Betty managed to keep the spice alive in their marriage for over 30 years, and claimed they felt rejuvinated by their experience on The Amazing Race. Unfortunately the law of physics caught up to them and Betty passed away soon after her race. Raymond has married twice since then

Claire & Damien - Dating (now married) Activists
Final Position - 3rd (11 Legs)
Ran in - Avant Tai's Season 1
These two likely met during some sort of protest to save something and quickly began dating. While they maintain a tumultous relationship onscreen, Damien swears the couple are actually do love each other and their marriage and twins are not the result of some freak accident

Cancelled teams

Bradley & Zeke - Brothers
To Run in - Avant Tai's Season 3
these two were pulled out at the last minute due to a harrasment issue in the presence of female member of production. Whether the female member of production was apart of the harrasment is still unknown

Banjo & Kazooie - Jiggy Collectors
To Run in - KittyPryde1's Amazing Race Video Game Edition
The famed bear and the bird from the Banjo-Kazooie series of games become my latest attempt at a team in Kitty's special video game version of the race. Banjo is a kind hearted yet slow honey bear while Kazooie is quick-witted and sharp-tounged.

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